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Western Sunsets Are The Best

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

4 Apr 2009

Exploring Perth

We check out from the Jemelup Chalets for the run back up to Perth. While the accommodation has been quite acceptable, the owners obviously come from the same stock as the video store manager and have an unhealthy delight in pointless and annoying rules. During checkin they told us that we must submit to a full inspection before we could check out. We leave the keys and leave early to avoid it, just to make a point (albeit a rather silly one).

We’re spending one more night at Gerry’s place in Claremont (stick with what you know) before heading back to Adelaide. We find ourselves in Subiaco around lunchtime, so I decide to give that pizza place a go after all. I mean, if it’s been voted the world’s best pizza, it can’t be that bad, even if it is sold precooked and by the slice. I’m happy to report that it was actually pretty good, bordering on super. Great crust (think and crispy) and unusual and tasty toppings. If you’re ever in the neighbourhood, give it a go.

Sunset Drinks

The weather today has been outstanding – hot, sunny and calm, so we decide to round it off by a sunset drink at the beach. One of the advantages of Perth over say Melbourne or Sydney is a lot of west facing coastline, and therefore lots off opportunities for sunset drinks / meals / sailing / etc. We find a place (Barchetta) right on the waterfront and spend an very agreeable hour or two drinking bubbly and snacking while watching the sun disappear into the water.

Tomorrow we fly back to Adelaide for a couple of days. Our original plan was to head straight back to Sydney, but Jetstar recently cancelled all their direct Perth to Sydney flights, and the remaining carriers have jacked their prices accordingly. Since it’s now cheaper to do the trips in two hops via Adelaide, we’re going to take the opportunity to stop off in the Barossa Valley for a couple of days.

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