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A Moving Adventure

Welcome back, gentle reader, to the ongoing migratory adventures of Nick and Lynn. In this chapter we’ll not be chronicling our next vacation, but our translocation to some other part of the world.

First, some background. After four trips to Australia, and getting rather sick and tired of the weather and provincialism in Oregon, we decided to pack up and emigrate down under. I’m already half way though a year long sabbatical from the rat race of work, and Lynn is a freelance writer, so we had no particular ties to this state.

So, after returning from our last trip to Australia, we decided to sell the house, get a visa and head south. We had vague and idealistic plans to put the house on the market, and while waiting for it to sell, we could enjoy one last summer in Oregon, get the visa, work out all the details and be ready to move sometime early fall (autumn). Still, life doesn’t always work out according to plan, does it?

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