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Travel Blog: Australia 2002 - Trip 2

Well gentle reader, we just couldn't stay away, could we? As you may have gathered from the last instalment, we're halfway through a year long sabbatical from the rat race. No sooner than we touched down in Portland at the end of our last trip did we ask ourselves - "What were we thinking?". It's cold and wet back home in Oregon - we should have stayed in Australia.

So, a little over a month later we're off to the land down under. This will be a shorter trip and we plan to spend most of our time in Adelaide, reconnoitring for the possibility of a move down here later on. Hell, this is almost work! Perhaps we can write off the trip on our taxes?

The other reason for the trip is that I didn't get any diving in last time and the Great Barrier Reef is beckoning. So, after a week in Sydney, Lynn will be heading West for Adelaide to start the research, while I'll be heading north to Townsville where my ship awaits (you've got to have some fun, right?). Anyway, we're getting ahead of ourselves here. Read on for the juicy details...

By the way, this time we're going to do it a little differently and abandon the day-by-day accounting. After a while it gets tough to find new and exciting ways to basically say "woke up, had breakfast, did some sightseeing, etc." So instead, we'll group our adventures into chapters and just report on the thing we think you might be interested in reading about. 

You can also see more pictures from this trip here.


For more pictures from this trip, click here

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