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Useful tools and other resources

VFR Flight Planner

For the VFR Pilots among you, here's a great cross country flight planning tool.

Time Zone Planner

This is an Excel template I developed that helps you plan an event or meeting across multiple time zones. You can add up to 6 cities in addition to your home timezone. The tool will automatically calculate the current time in each, taking into account timezones and daylight savings. 

mac_pro 650x1059.jpg

Upgrade a MacPro

I'm the happy owner of one of these guys - a Mid-2012 Apple Mac Pro workstation. It's now late 2018 and the technology in this "cheese grater" is getting a bit dated. Apple still haven't [yet] released a worthwhile replacement, so I've been toying with the idea of upgrading this guy to something a little more up to date.​

Then, Apple released the latest version of macOS (Mojave) and I wasn't able to upgrade because the original graphics card doesn't support Metal. So, my hand was forced. Since I need to replace the graphics card, let's make a project out of this...

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