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Gallery: Australia 2009

The Adventure begins here. Quit the job…check. Rent the house…check. Stuff in storage…check. Cat holed up in cattery…check. Purchase full compliment of road warrior  techno-toys…check, check (and yes, just one more gadget for good measure) – check!

Three years ago, Lynn and I moved down to Sydney from the states to experience a more mellow, equitable lifestyle. The work life balance in DC had become, well, too imbalanced. Enamoured with the Sydney environment, and impressed with the Aussie attitude to work and play, we decided to make the move down here ourselves and give it a fair go. 

Three years on; we’re still very much in love with the country, but have somewhat failed in our attempt to move one lane to the left in the rat race. We find ourselves living in a big house, with a big mortgage, and both working hard in big, challenging jobs. Nothing wrong with all of that mind you, just not what we set our to do.

After much sole searching, we decided to yank the handbrake and take a sharp left turn out of the rat race. The goal – a few months of travel and adventure, followed by a year or so in another part of Australia a slower pace is a statutory requirement.

This are the photos from the trip. You can read the travel journal here.

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