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Lynn Elsey's Articles

Selection of articles I've written and publications I've edited

Food & Travel

From reviewing restaurants to watching the sun rise across Florence’s Ponte Vecchio, I’ve had the pleasure of exploring food, wine and magical places for more than 15 years.

Here are a few highlights.

Career Intelligence and Advice

I’ve created content for people at all stages of their careers, from developing an innovative career guide for Indigenous students to crafting copy for Australia's top companies - helping people achieve more and prepare for jobs that don’t exist today. 

Here’s a sample of my work. 

Here are a few highlights.

Magazine Publishing

Weather. Food science. Outdoor pursuits. Financial advice. Geo-spatial sciences. I’ve worn a lot of editorial hats creating, developing and managing engaging and informative magazines and journals.

Here are some highlights.

Business / Professional

From profiling the head of Uber’s AsiaPacific legal team to creating a new financial magazine, I’ve been providing insightful professional and corporate content for more than a decade.

Here are some highlights.

Health and Nutrition

Separating fact from fiction in the health and nutrition arena is not a job for the fainthearted. But the truth can also be fascinating. Are you aware of the benefits of camel’s milk?  Or the potential upside of drinking red wine for osteoporosis?


Read on.

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