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Driving to Tooberac

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

20 Mar 2009

After a probably unjustified amount of random pottering and futzing about, we finally get on the road midmorning. We’re hearing west-ish towards the tiny town of Tooberac, just 10 km south of the slightly less tiny town of Heathcote. Even through its less than a quarter of the distance we did yesterday, we manage to squander most of the day getting there.

Merindoc Cottage

It’s a pretty drive over – lots of rolling hills and intermittent eucalyptus forests, but my goodness it’s brown. We’ve heard about the drought in these parts, but you can really begin to appreciate the hardship the farms and wineries must be going through. Even the gum trees seem to be wilting.

One exciting diversion – a bloody great big Emu standing right by the side of the road. We also distract ourselves with win tasting at Wood Park, Mitchelton and Tablik.

For the next two nights we’re staying at Merindoc Cottage – a wonderful place attached to a 2,500 acre working farm and winery. Once again, Lynn’s diligence and homework has paid off - we’re well off the beaten track here and the only thing to see are hills (pretty big ones at that), cows, horses and birds. Relaxed would be a good way to describe us at this point.

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