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Victorious Dalat

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

30 Apr 2009

Lynn and Kitch, Prenn Falls

Today is Victory Day where they celebrate the fall of Saigon in 1975 and the end of the American (aka Vietnam) war, and tomorrow is Labour Day, which being a socialist republic, is also celebrated with full vigour. Before coming to Vietnam we’ve read that foreigners are not always welcomed, especially those with an American accent. Lynn’s accent has been morphed somewhat by 10 years in the UK, but even so, we were wondering how we’d be received today. As it turns out, very well indeed, just like any other day.

This was obviously the day to just get out into the streets and soak up the atmosphere. The crowds and motorbikes were out in full force. There didn’t appear to be a great deal in the way of organised parades or marches, but every so often a bizarre looking float would wend its way through the sea of traffic with the folks on top merrily waving to the crowds.

Victory Day Float

The afternoon took us out to a place called Prenn Falls. Even the tourist brochures had failed to disguise the kitschy nature of this place, and once we got there we realised why – it’s saturated with it. High brow entertainment it’s not, but the place was a real laugh and well worth the visit.

Nick and Kitch, Prenn Falls

As I write this I realise that we didn’t come away from Dalat with a very extensive inventory of sights and attractions under our belt. Much of our time here was spent just wandering around the town, drinking coffee, enjoying the views and holing up in our very cosy villa when the skies opened. Not very adventurous I know, but very relaxing and deservedly decadent.

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