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Flying to Kuala Lumpur

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

15 Apr 2009

Petronas Towers

Today I depart for Kuala Lumpur and after a couple of nights there, on to Hanoi. Lynn is staying on in Sydney for a few more days of Mosman R&R and to sort out our move to Adelaide (bless her!).

I’ve decided to travel as light as possible for this trip. I usually pack way too much, don’t use half the stuff I take and just get hot and bothered lugging all the extra crap around the country. So, I’m proud to report that I’ve managed to get it down to a single carry on bag, which will make the airport transits much simpler. It remains to be seen what I’ll miss.

I’m flying Malaysian Airlines and managed to snag an exit row, so the flight is painless and the food actually quite good (Chicken curry – Mmmm). Once again I’m reminded of how big Australia is – after eating two meals, having a drink, reading a couple of chapters, watching a movie and having a bit of a kip, we still haven’t cleared Aussie airspace.

KL airport is simply wonderful. Big, modern, very clean, incredibly efficient and almost totally deserted. I walk straight up to the customs desk with no queues what so ever, and I’m shaking hands with my driver 15 mins after the plane pulled up to the jet way. For the next two nights I’ll be calling the Traders Hotel home, which is much nicer than it sounds. It’s owned by the Shangri-La chain and one notch down from their signature hotels, but the differences are pretty minor. I’ve splurged for a club level room, so breakfast, drinks, WiFi etc. are included. It’s late and I’m reasonably knackered after my hours of immobility on the plane, so I grab a perfectly acceptable dinner at the hotel and crash.

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