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Back to Sydney

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

7 Apr 2009

We’re heading back to base for about a week before the next outing, this one a little further afield (Vietnam and Cambodia). We’ve wasted a couple of agreeable days hanging in a very cosy federation cottage in the Barossa, near Angaston.

Usually, the eating out opportunities in these smaller country towns are pretty dire, but we discovered a great place called the Roaring 40’s Café just down the road. It’s not much to look at outside or in, and the name is pretty tacky, but the food is outstanding and wine list, while terse, is well appointed and great value for money ($6.90 for a great glass of wine). Needless to say, we forage there regularly over the two days, with one of the highlights being the Extreme Beef Vindaloo Pizza (I’m not kidding). It tastes far better than it sounds.

Summertown Cottage View

I’d like to report that we fully utilised our time in the Barossa to explore the countryside, wineries and what ever other delights this wonderful part of the world has to offer. However, after 3 weeks of fairly manic sightseeing, I for one have to admit to a not inconsiderable degree of sloth. The cottage was very cosy, the log burning fireplace warm and inviting, and besides the owners had left a few DVDs lying around that badly needed watching.

Summertown Cottage

On our way back to Adelaide we stop at Summertown in the hills to the view the rental that Lynn heard about last week. It’s an old, original sandstone block federation home that’s been extended outback to 3 bedrooms. Inside it’s nothing spectacular and made somewhat less appealing by the grungy current tenants. The original, front part of the house is also very original on the inside – right down to the fact that it’s the same unfinished, unplastered sandstone block on the inside as well. However, the view outback is to die for – it sits on 6 acres of rolling vineyards and looks out over a beautiful valley and the hills beyond. Other than a radio mast on the adjoining hill, there’s pretty much no other civilisation to be seen. Better yet, it’s 15 mins drive down the hill to Adelaide, available on short term rental (so we can bail if we don’t like it after all) and it’s only $300 a week. We sign.

After dropping off our faithful Toyota off at a storage place, we grab a cab to the airport for the flight back to Sydney. We’re in town for about a week before we head north for Vietnam. But, that’s another chapter…

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